Its been a while since I talked about yoga here. Mainly because my yoga participation is so much less than it used to be. One reason for this is my job, which has me working longer (though easier) hours than my previous one. The other reason is that in January, when Layla died, my whole routine went to shit. Everything else is basically back on track, but I am still doing well if I get to one yoga class every two weeks, and the 3-5 classes a week I was taking last fall is far from my current reality.

So besides attending class today, I attended a workshop aimed at helping you create a home practice that doesn’t replace class, but keeps you in the loop, so to speak. We each came up with a series of 8 or so poses that we would do in our practice. In case anyone was curious, this is what I came up with.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
Prasarita padottanasa (Wide-legged Forward Bend)
Dandasana (Staff Pose)
Janu Sirsasana
Half Staff Half Hero Pose
Navasana (Boat Pose)
Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
Shoulder Stand

Nothing too challenging, but enough to help me stay centered, flexible, and strong.


I haven’t taken any pictures of anything so I haven’t blogged (I know most people only look at pictures but I couldn’t leave the blog empty for much longer. I have included a kitten picture from when they were brand new so it wouldn’t be too boring. They will be a year old on April 1st.)

Thermal is coming along very well (it is the first sweater that I have knit in the round, and wow, it is nice not to worry about seaming.) I have the entire back done, and am working on the left front shoulder (then the right front shoulder, 2 arms, and done!) My goal is to get it done for the Sea Socks Cruise (which shouldn’t be a problem, as it is 6 weeks away, and I will be really bummed if I am still working on this in six weeks!).

My review at work went very, very well. Lots of approval from my boss, and from her boss. Work has become overwhelming–the house is full so my caseload is intensely high. I left today at 5 for the first time in about 2 weeks. In general it has been much closer to 6, and I take no breaks. Literally, no breaks–I eat with the girls, take them to the bathroom, etc. So I have been coming home and crashing.

I did get to a yoga class on Sunday (it was an Iyengar Yoga class, which was new to me, and I really liked) and I plan to go back next weekend. And maybe I will make it to Pilates Saturday morning. T and I have been running some as well (well, walking and running–I walk up hill 1 mile and run down.) which is also good for me. I wish I could get back to the 6 day a week yoga schedule, but that will take some serious discipline, and energy, and right now that energy is going to my work, and cooking/chores, etc. But hopefully sometime in the next few months.

Also, has anyone been to Puerto Rico? We have some friends getting married there in July and I am tempted to go (I can fly nonstop, the tickets aren’t too expensive, and hotels are cheap). We will be in Rincon (with an accent over the o), where my friend has a house.

And kittens!

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A very happy birthday to my mom who is the person that I am closest too after Tommy. I cannot overstate how important to me she is. And to show how much she loves me? A new quilt:

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It actually has a few more color changes, but I couldn’t get it to photograph well when it was open. Tommy and I chose the colors and gradation changes, as Tommy doesn’t like flowery fabrics or batiks. I love this blanket, love that she quilts, and am getting closer and closer to asking her to teach me. Not yet, but soon.

And, my parents are off to Spain, to visit my brother. I am so jealous.

On Thursday I spent the day being slightly out of control with andrea. It was really a wonderful day, hard as hell, because I knew that I would be saying goodbye. She is moving across the country, to be with family and move on into something exciting and new. But it was the perfect day together, and I miss her already.

Saturday was a Halloween party (as well as a MoveOn phone bank. I’d really like a democratic congress. please.)

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I am in the front, T is next to me in sunglasses. There are clearer photos, but I don’t have anyone else’s permission to post, so I figured this was as clear as I could go. Plus, the fun of drunken photography couldn’t go unnoticed.

And drugs. Back on them. I tried to go without, and while I generally could do it, it was really, really hard work. And it recently got to the point where I wasn’t sleeping or eating, and something needed to change. I just took my first pills and I feel a bit off (but in a good way) and am hopeful that this will really make a difference for me.

And yoga continues 6 days a week. I love my studio–the people I practice with and the practice itself. I think that I would have gone back on meds much sooner without the yoga, and am hoping that yoga will help me in the long run find some level of mental stability.

On that note, I only have 8 days left at my current job. I go directly to my new job the next day.

First, the falling apart.

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My mom’s socks, which she wore twice, and handwashed. I am so bummed. I need to figure out how to pick up the edge stitches and somehow seam them all closed and to each other or something. I havent quite thought through how to do this.

And success–I did my first headstand in yoga class today! Yay! It was a good class (I really like the Ashtanga series). Last night I took a deep stretch class which was a little too relaxed for me and sent me into a bit of a panic attack. I am not yet able to really relax into myself without freaking out, but I am getting there.

But a headstand! yay!

Knit night tomorrow–hopefully will finally get some knitting done!

well, sock yarn at least.

I got my award for winning best secret pal for secret pal 8.

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2 skeins of koigu kpppm sock yarn. In perfect colors. Honestly, I live in shades of grey, and wouldn’t have ever bought grey sock yarn. This is the perfect combination of variegation and grey.

Now I just need some time to knit. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are yoga, as are Sunday mornings. Last night (Wed) I had dinner with my sock fairy friend Lisa and a new knitting friend that we just met. Tomorrow night I am on call, but plan on getting some serious work done on the boucle scarf. Saturday is a guild meeting, and Sunday I have to do a visit for work in the middle of the day.

And starting monday I have conversational mandarin Monday nights. I am so pleased to be able to do so much–I was sick for a few years, and having all of these commitments is almost impossible feeling. I think that it is manageable, but more so on weekends when I have down time. I have knitting to do–Christmas is coming faster and faster.

And, Happy New Year to any one who is celebrating.

I ended up doing two yoga classes last night. So I am all stretched out and sore, but feeling good. I am really enjoying yoga, and am tempted to make sure that any new job I eventually do get allows me to go to the Ashtanga Prep class. It was amazing.

I talked to the director of social services at the hospital yesterday, and she said that she was still interested, would talk to HR because she hadn’t yet recieved my application/resume (grrrr) and would call back. That was yesterday at about 8 am. Haven’t heard since. I will call once more, on Friday, to check in. Just a wait and see situation right now.

Hopefully I will actually do some knitting tonight, so I can have more pictures soon.