I passed my last licensure exam this morning. Which means that once my check goes through, I will be an L C S W (spaces to prevent googling).

I started this process in 2003 when I began grad school, and I am really proud. The process is a pain in the ass and the tests are hard. But I am done. I think I am still in shock–when I saw the PASS on the screen I just covered my mouth and got teary. And then I got numb. Tomorrow at work might feel different, when I get to tell the people that I work with. Or maybe when I actually get my license number, and business cards, and start doing a miniature private practice.

I am knitting (running a tiny bit but not much) and packing for my cruise but I have no pictures. I promise to have a ton of pictures in about 2 weeks, when I return from Alaska.



Until my exam begins. I get my results immediately after completing the test.

I am one part confident, one part convinced of failure, and tons of parts anxious.

No knitting has been happening, and surprising little studying. I have been studying for a year, and I just can’t seem to do any more. I will probably review this afternoon, hopefully in the sunshine in my backyard. Tomorrow is a massage. And then the exam.

So, my licensure hours have been approved, and a test date is set. And it is pretty soon. So the hardcore studying begins, and the hardcore knitting and running (though that hasn’t been too hardcore lately) get put on hold.

I did get some knitting done the past few weeks though.

The back of a Central Park Hoodie, in Cotton-ease (50 cotton/50 acrylic, so actually wearable in Southern California.) I also have one of the fronts completed (it is a cardigan), and have started the second front. But, I plan on not knitting, until the test is over. (Of course, this is test 1 of 2. So passing this one is just another part of the process, not the end. But a big part nonetheless.) So this sweater will need to sit for a bit. Well, I do have knit night, and I will get a bit of knitting done there, but not much (we talk as much as we knit.)

Also, I don’t think I showed these:

Charade socks in Fleece Artist Sea Wool (thanks Lisa!).

The toes are a bit weird–a different decrease than I normally do, plus one glaring error. But they are soft, and nice.

And I don’t do this much (ever?), but if you could send out positive thoughts that I will pass this test, it would be very appreciated. The stress is a bit much — and is just building.

Today I am mailing off my application to test for my LCSW. This is an application 2.5 years in the making, and I am really, really proud. (All I actually had to do to get to this point was work, organize my supervision, and take some classes. The testing is still to come. But I am still proud that I stuck with it, making sure I got what I needed.)

I am knitting, on some socks (which are much farther along than you see here but it is grey and rainy) and still running (so far i have run 25 miles this month, and plan to run today, which is pretty far for me. Of course some people do this in a week, but I am still happy with it.)

Lots of parentheses here, sorry about that. Life keeps going in steps, one at a time. And I am happy to have finished this one.

And a scarf I finished, for good measure. It is 100 percent alpaca and incredibly soft and squishy. I am not smiling because I look silly when I do so in pictures. I should work on that.

My new job, that is.

I started on Friday (it was supposed to be on a Thursday but my clearances didn’t come through until Thursday. I was offered starting on Friday, or waiting til January 3rd. I admit that I was tempted to take the month of December off, but that isn’t very realistic). I haven’t started any actual work; orientation goes through Tuesday, and then work will actually start on Wednesday. I am going to call my supervisor sometime tomorrow and find out what unit I will be working on and other basic information about my job.

I received some very pretty yarn in the mail this weekend, and I am unsure what it will be.

It is 1000 yds of silk lace. I am seriously considering Juno Regina and the Victoria Shawl (without the border– just the center pattern with a garter stitch edging). Any thoughts (or other suggestions)?

(otherwise on the knitting front I am halfway done with the first sleeve on the cardigan, and finished with the first monkey sock.)

Unsure about a lot of things.

Still don’t know what I am going to do with the cardigan. Fortunately, I don’t need to decide today.

The facility that I work(ed) at closed on Friday. The head management came out, and  laid us all off. So hopefully my physical/fingerprints will go through quickly for the new job, because I am currently unemployed (and having nightmares every night about losing my job, or the facility closing). Even though I have a planned exit, it has been much more stressful than I anticipated. I do get some severance pay which should cover us until I start work (either this thursday or the 20th).

Had a good day yesterday touring local yarn shops–will post photos and reviews tomorrow.

I have been knitting a bunch, but no photos have been taken. I am still working on a plain top down raglan cardigan, which I think is turning out nicely. Next up is another pair of socks and then possibly the Central Park Hoodie in a deep grey.

Work has been … well, it’s been work. I honestly could not come up with a word. My boss has been out of town for the last 2 weeks, which is nice but my responsibilities increase 10 fold, and then I have to answer for my decisions (which normally wouldnt be bad, but I have no idea if she will agree with the decisions that I have made, and she won’t hesitate to undermine me if she doesn’t).

I have a tentative new job offer–I need to pass the physical and drug test/fingerprinting, and then the job will be mine. It is with county so the hiring process kind of takes forever, but if all goes as I am planning, I will start there Jan 3 (and end here Dec 21, taking the week of Christmas off for the first time since I finished grad school.) The people seem very nice, and I am hopeful I will like the work (medical social work in a hospital setting, which I have done before, with babies/children). It is actually the exact job I thought I would want while I was in grad school (or pretty close to it). Goodness, I am all about parentheses today.

I finished the Couch to 5k program last night, running my last 30 minute run (2.7 miles). I am really proud of myself, and plan to run the next 3 runs for 32 minutes, the 3 after that for 35 and then begin this 10k training program. I am not quite up to 3 miles yet, so that is why I am not starting immediately. I will have to start running for distance, not time.

Thanks for still reading this–I am hoping for some decent knit pictures soon.

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