A few weeks ago we were in san francisco.

My brother taking a picture of my dad in his apartment.

Finished socks.

I registered on which I had heard about for a while, and it is pretty neat (to track food and exercise).

And I ran yesterday, with the intent of getting back into cardio shape to run the same race I ran last year. I am redoing the couch to 5k program since it is been maybe four or five months since I have run any decent distance. I started on week four (see program here) which went pretty well.

Working on an embossed leaves sock out of handmaiden casbah–pictures next time.


Back from Alaska. It was more beautiful than I had ever anticipated.

I also did a fair bit of knitting and yarn shopping, but those pictures will come a bit later.

There are a bunch of pictures on my flickr account, here.

Here are a few:

The Hubbard Glacier

The Tongass National Forest

The Mendenhall Glacier from the helicopter

I passed my last licensure exam this morning. Which means that once my check goes through, I will be an L C S W (spaces to prevent googling).

I started this process in 2003 when I began grad school, and I am really proud. The process is a pain in the ass and the tests are hard. But I am done. I think I am still in shock–when I saw the PASS on the screen I just covered my mouth and got teary. And then I got numb. Tomorrow at work might feel different, when I get to tell the people that I work with. Or maybe when I actually get my license number, and business cards, and start doing a miniature private practice.

I am knitting (running a tiny bit but not much) and packing for my cruise but I have no pictures. I promise to have a ton of pictures in about 2 weeks, when I return from Alaska.


Central Park Hoodie

Cast on Feb 9 and Finished April 8

Knit in Cotton-ease.

And awesome! I love this sweater–I wore it to work today and was happy all day long (well, as happy as one is at work).

I am now working on socks (Sundara sock yarn in Bronzed Forest):

I spent last weekend down in Del Mar with some good knitting friends.

Anna and I drove down to the hotel and met Margaret Saturday morning. From there we hit the yarn stores (5 in total), where I purchased very little (some yarn needed for classes on the cruise.

Sunday morning we went to the beach. We had a great time there (and during the whole weekend. It’s nice when strangers tell you that you must be having fun. We were.)

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary.

Before we went to dinner Saturday night.

We spent the weekend at my grandmother’s apartment in West LA (she was out of town, so it was like a big, fancy hotel room.)

We had a really nice time, a lot of eating, some shopping, and running down at the beach. We both agree that we could live in her neighborhood, and be very happy. We loved running at the beach in Santa Monica, walking to the Farmer’s Market, and otherwise just hanging around.

Of course, there was a stop at a yarn store (because T loves me, and I spend hours and hours searching for a pair of shoes for him). We went to Wildfiber in Santa Monica, which was just as nice as the last time, except they no longer seem to be carrying Socks that Rock/Blue Moon Fiber Arts, which was a bummer.

I did get some yarn though:

Kollage Cornucopia, made from corn fibers somehow. My parents bought me two of those skeins, I bought a third.

Sublime Yarns Organic Cotton dk for Brighton. I did find some bag handles I liked, but the price was a bit much. I will probably make the bag (someday…) and then get handles.

I am knitting the hood of the Central Park Hoodie (the entire body and sleeves are done, and after the hood I have to do the button band and will be done.) Speaking of buttons, I bought some of those at Wildfiber too.

The ones of the left will be for the Malabrigo sweater I finished a while ago (and wear without buttons.) The ones on the right will be for the Central Park Hoodie.

I love San Francisco, and had a really nice (but short) weekend there. I also had a weekend in San Diego the weekend before, but took no pictures. It too was wonderful.

In SF we stayed at the Hotel Triton which is right at the gates to Chinatown. We were upgraded to a Celebrity Suite, which ended up meaning that our room was all about ice cream, and we had a freezer full of ice cream to eat for free. It was pretty awesome.

I bought some very pretty yarn at Artfibers, but that will be posted about this evening–i have no current pictures.

We spent a ton of time eating (and I got to go to Greens, an amazing vegetarian restaurant).

This was all in honor of my grandmother’s birthday (seen here getting her picture taken by my brother)

and a few more pictures

My mother, grandmother, cousin’s daughter, and myself playing on the bed

And my brother, my cousin and his daughter, and my self

Next up with be discussion about ripping out my current knitting, and the new silk that I got at artfibers.

thank you all for the birthday wishes. The weekend exceeded my expectations–the hotel was amazing, and relaxing. And then there were other small celebrations as the weekend went on. I am feeling quite loved, which is wonderful. Too bad I have to go to work tomorrow.

The hotel:

The living room

The bedroom

The birthday girl

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