And sailboats

Embossed Leaves Socks
Handmaiden Casbah – Wine



Not much new here. Working. Heading to San Francisco this weekend (staying where we stayed last year.) It should be wonderful.

Once I finish the socks above I will probably be knitting a solid color Tempest from some Shivaya Naturals yarn.

Good knitting makes life better.

This is a common occurrence at my house. This cat is Milo.

So, I did a bit of yarn shopping (and redeemed some pre-birthday gifts.)

The local Alaska yarn stores were very nice, but the knitters were a bit competitive to get to the yarn–there were just more of us than yarn (which is why my mother, aunt, and I strategized and beat the rest of the cruisers to the Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria. Totally worth it.)

There are notes on the picture if you click on it.

It is done, and over, and I passed. They don’t tell you your score, just a pass or fail. Sigh. I am so relieved. I slept about 3 hours total last night, and almost didn’t go to the test. So happy that I did, and that I am done. And passed!

Thank you for your emails, texts, and comments of support. They are very appreciated.

Next up with 1 last exam. Once that one is passed, I am officially licensed.

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