Miss B (as she is called in our house) sent me a hell of a gift last week.

Mama Blue Troika Sock in Siren

It is a similar base to Handmaiden Casbah–linked below–and just dreamy. And quite sought after. Her generosity isn’t surprising because it is just who she is, but it was a fabulous gift and surprise from someone who has been such a good friend for a long time. Thank you Bertha.


I also received the yarn that I ordered from Shivaya Naturals – a custom dyed fingering weight merino yarn in a wine red.

I think that the picture is a bit pinker than it is in real life–it is gorgeous.

I swatched on 6s and 7s for a Tempest

The yarn is a very smooth 2 ply. I would call it fingering or light fingering – The last sock yarn I knit was Handmaiden Casbah which is pretty thick. I started the sweater on size 7s but it was a bit too open, so I ripped back and am knitting it on 6s. I haven’t gotten very far–pictures will be forthcoming.


A few weeks ago we were in san francisco.

My brother taking a picture of my dad in his apartment.

Finished socks.

I registered on which I had heard about for a while, and it is pretty neat (to track food and exercise).

And I ran yesterday, with the intent of getting back into cardio shape to run the same race I ran last year. I am redoing the couch to 5k program since it is been maybe four or five months since I have run any decent distance. I started on week four (see program here) which went pretty well.

Working on an embossed leaves sock out of handmaiden casbah–pictures next time.

So, my licensure hours have been approved, and a test date is set. And it is pretty soon. So the hardcore studying begins, and the hardcore knitting and running (though that hasn’t been too hardcore lately) get put on hold.

I did get some knitting done the past few weeks though.

The back of a Central Park Hoodie, in Cotton-ease (50 cotton/50 acrylic, so actually wearable in Southern California.) I also have one of the fronts completed (it is a cardigan), and have started the second front. But, I plan on not knitting, until the test is over. (Of course, this is test 1 of 2. So passing this one is just another part of the process, not the end. But a big part nonetheless.) So this sweater will need to sit for a bit. Well, I do have knit night, and I will get a bit of knitting done there, but not much (we talk as much as we knit.)

Also, I don’t think I showed these:

Charade socks in Fleece Artist Sea Wool (thanks Lisa!).

The toes are a bit weird–a different decrease than I normally do, plus one glaring error. But they are soft, and nice.

And I don’t do this much (ever?), but if you could send out positive thoughts that I will pass this test, it would be very appreciated. The stress is a bit much — and is just building.

The knitting is not going how I would like.

The cardigan was going well, until I photographed it and realized that the bottom third or so is much darker than the rest. It is more obvious in real life. I am seriously considering ripping it out (sucks!) and making hat/scarf/mittens or something else (even though they won’t be super useful in southern California…) because the color obviously isn’t going to be similar enough for me to want to wear it.

The socks are going quite well though. I am worried that the yarn is going to bleed because it is turning my fingers grey. But it is very, very pretty to knit with (Socks that Rock lightweight in Valkyrie).

Going to the physical for the new job this afternoon.

The cuff of Monkey socks. I actually have the gusset finished and will knit more of the foot at knit night this evening.

Work is still incredibly unstable, which has increased my stress, which has made me feel like crap. I am still doing the couch to 5k program (completed week 4 day 2 today) which is helping with my mood. But generally, I am pretty stressed out and frustrated. So not a great blogger. Sorry about that–hopefully I will have some kind of good news soon.

Sockapalooooza socks have arrived.

Lorna’s Laces yarn in Pewter, and the hourglass eyelet sock pattern from Magknits.

My pal is blogless, but an amazing knitter and very very kind. The socks fit perfectly, are a perfect color, and pattern for me. I am just thrilled with them.

Off to San Diego tomorrow for the weekend, will have some pictures early next week.

So, I had to cut the yarn. But it is done, and I am pretty pleased with it.

And before I send them off, here are the sockapalooooza socks. (they are the same size, I swear)

A big thank you to everyone for their support with the insanely tangled yarn. I did cut it, and I have no regrets. On to the next thing.

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