My new job, that is.

I started on Friday (it was supposed to be on a Thursday but my clearances didn’t come through until Thursday. I was offered starting on Friday, or waiting til January 3rd. I admit that I was tempted to take the month of December off, but that isn’t very realistic). I haven’t started any actual work; orientation goes through Tuesday, and then work will actually start on Wednesday. I am going to call my supervisor sometime tomorrow and find out what unit I will be working on and other basic information about my job.

I received some very pretty yarn in the mail this weekend, and I am unsure what it will be.

It is 1000 yds of silk lace. I am seriously considering Juno Regina and the Victoria Shawl (without the border– just the center pattern with a garter stitch edging). Any thoughts (or other suggestions)?

(otherwise on the knitting front I am halfway done with the first sleeve on the cardigan, and finished with the first monkey sock.)


(Not of the endpaper mitts, though they are done. Soon.)

First, a quick apology–if you commented on my last few posts and I didn’t respond, the comments got sent to my spam filter (looking in to how to fix that.)


These are from the Ravelry Summer Camp Swap. My pal was Meangirl and she spoiled me good.

The Zephyr

The Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb (SO soft!)

Thank you Jen!

not much to see here.

I have a crap picture of Hanami progress (I can’t figure out how to make the menu on the right side of my camera screen disappear, so I can’t tell when something is cut out of the picture. as shown here.) (also, it is obviously unblocked and scrunched up–it is even in real life)

Today it hasn’t gotten much over 100 degrees, so I am about to pull out some knitting for the first time in a while. Hoping to make some progress on my endpaper mitts.

First, I am ripping back Sesame. There haven’t been any progress pictures, because there hasn’t been much progress. My row gauge is ridiculously off (something like 40 rows per 4 inches instead of 27). I will swatch more for that, and maybe cast on again soon.

Onto new yarn.

First there is Tao by Artfibers which is 100% wild-gathered silk bourette. I got the undyed version, which is significantly cheaper than the dyed versions, and just as beautiful. I am planning to make Hanami but solely using the basketweave stitch. The gauge on Hanami is 21 stitches per 4 inches, and according to the store, this yarn knits up at 25 stitches, so I will be using bigger needles (probably 5s instead of 3s). I got 1,050 yards to 250 grams. Anyways, onto the yarn.

Then there is Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy, which will someday become the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. Webs had this on clearance for 2.99 a ball.

Now, to get to knitting. (probably Hanami first, then maybe back to Sesame or onto the Tangled Yoke, depending on how I feel.)

So, I had to cut the yarn. But it is done, and I am pretty pleased with it.

And before I send them off, here are the sockapalooooza socks. (they are the same size, I swear)

A big thank you to everyone for their support with the insanely tangled yarn. I did cut it, and I have no regrets. On to the next thing.