Imogen is complete. Sorry for the post-work almost half smile. Its about all I could do today. I am still waiting for the ring brooch thing to use as a clasp–it should come in the next week or so. The neck will be more rolled back, if that makes sense, once I can clasp it. And the sleeves are a bit long, but I think that I like it. As an alpaca/wool sweater, it won’t get too much wear here, but at least I can wear it on the cruise to Alaska next year. And on vacations to cold places.

And two of my boys–Otis is grooming Alfred. This is always really nice to see, because for so long (like 9 months) they hated each other. Or, Alfred couldn’t stand being around them. But to see them cuddling and grooming is just so nice.

Next is finishing the sockapalooooza socks. After that? The Cables and Os Sweater from No Sheep for You. I know that I have lots of sock yarn to knit up, but a sweater in cotton seems like a good thing to be knitting. I bought the cotton/linen blend yarn in a soft grey. I am in a sweater phase so I am going with it.


Imogen is done. Ends woven in and all. She just needs to be blocked, which will probably happen tomorrow. I am pretty sure that I like her (hot damn she is warm!) and I can’t wait for my ring stick brooch thing to arrive so I can take a formal, complete picture. But if it dries before the brooch comes I will definitely be posting pictures.

And I decided to knit Pomatomus socks for my sockapalooooza pal. Her feet are very different from mine, and I am not comfortable winging it on my own. So, I am planning on knitting both at the same time on two sets of DPNs (ie the ribbing on one, and then the other, the lace on one, and then the other, etc). We’ll see how long that lasts.

And then, on Friday I was in a bad mood. I have been sick for a few days and realized that I wouldn’t be able to do the social things I had planned on this weekend. So, I bitched and moaned all day to Bertha over email while we were both at work. (work has been slow….that’s another story). Anyways, she was overly kind and put up with all sorts of emails (with subjects like: ‘i am seriously unstable’ followed by ‘feel better.’ It was one of those days.)

In thanks for all of her patience and wisdom and help and general goodness, I got her a gift certificate to The Sweet Sheep. And, because she was feeling bad for my insane moodiness, she bought be a gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts. She calls this “sharing a transcontinental brain.” I am inclined to agree. Thanks B.

Entering this contest, because I really do need to organize my knitting plan for the next few months, and doing it while entering a contest doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Summer knitting goals:

1) Finish Imogen (fleece artist sweater)
2) Sockapalooooza socks
3) Second Claudia’s handpainted socks
4) Koigu socks (or at least one other pair of socks)
5) Do something with the lace weight yarn I have
6) Lorna’s Laces socks (or, again, another pair of socks).

That makes 3.5 pairs of socks, the rest of the sweater (I have about 6 inches on the second sleeve left, and then the front), and some lace. Seems reasonable to me.

Getting all that done would feel great (and make at least a small dent in my stash.)

(if anyone reading this decides to enter, please let her know you read about it on my blog)

(to you, hoping you come through too)

Progress on the sweater: the back is done, starting (barely) on the first sleeve.

(this is a sideways knit sweater, so while the picture has it knit in the typical way, it will actually be worn perpendicular to this photo). This yarn is amazingly soft and the colors are beautiful (I couldn’t get a picture to do them justice)

And two pairs of finished socks:

Lorna’s Laces–I know I showed one, but not the pair.

Mama-E sock yarn in Seaweed, from the goody bag on the cruise. A 2×2 rib on size 1s.

Back to the sweater (and cleaning out the car, and doing dishes, and grocery shopping–everything I haven’t done this weekend because I have been knitting).