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The rules: Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1) What was I doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago I was finishing my junior year in high school, worrying about college applications and SATs. I really wouldn’t go back to that.

2) What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today?

Photograph knitting
Work on private practice stuff
Make lunch for tomorrow
Clean something (a permanent to do list item)

3) Snacks I enjoy

Fresh Buffalo Mozzerella
Honey Nut Cheerios

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire

Quit working
Work with T and provide financial assistance to undocumented college students (and high school students to apply to college, take SATs, etc)
Get behind the DREAM Act financially
Provide car seats to the hospital that I work at for families to have
Travel all the time
Move to SF or NY. Or both. And London.

5) Places I have lived:

Santa Monica, CA
Riverside, CA
Seattle, WA
I currently live in the house I have lived in since I was 12 years old. There is something nice about that.

6) Jobs I have had:

Worked in public library
Cataloging books printed in Latin America prior to 18-something (right dad?)
UW Nursing School
Child Protective Services
Hospice Social Worker
Eating Disorder Therapist
Medical Social Worker in a county hospital

7) Peeps I want to know more about:

Mrs. Hipp


Central Park Hoodie

Cast on Feb 9 and Finished April 8

Knit in Cotton-ease.

And awesome! I love this sweater–I wore it to work today and was happy all day long (well, as happy as one is at work).

I am now working on socks (Sundara sock yarn in Bronzed Forest):

I spent last weekend down in Del Mar with some good knitting friends.

Anna and I drove down to the hotel and met Margaret Saturday morning. From there we hit the yarn stores (5 in total), where I purchased very little (some yarn needed for classes on the cruise.

Sunday morning we went to the beach. We had a great time there (and during the whole weekend. It’s nice when strangers tell you that you must be having fun. We were.)

 I spent this past Saturday hitting up 4 semi-local yarn stores with two good knitting friends.


Our yarn adventures began at Wildfiber in Santa Monica. Gorgeous store, a *ton* of really nice yarns (including Socks that Rock in stock….) and a helpful staff. Prices were a bit high, but I am guessing that rent in Santa Monica is also a bit high. I really, really enjoyed their selection, but was overwhelmed and didn’t purchase anything.

Next up was Knit Cafe (no pictures–I was told that the owner did not like pictures being taken of her store). This one was a mixed bag–good selection of yarns, generally nice staff, and overall good vibe to the store. The feel of this one was my favorite. But there was something just a touch snobbish about one of the workers that made it less than perfect. I did purchase some magazines here (Fall and Winter Interweave Knits from 2004 to 2007 for 12$. Not bad).

After this was Skein in Pasadena (I realize that I am not linking to any of these. Sorry.) Not my favorite–possibly my least favorite). They had a great selection of Rowan and RYC yarns, and then a great selection of fun fur and other novelty yarns, and that was about it. Overall a friendly place, but nothing that made me want to go back.

Last was Unraveled in Monrovia. This store is in a nice space, with a good selection of malabrigo and other general wools, plus some sock and lace yarns. I would probably return here, but didn’t find anything I needed right now.

We also stopped at Dots, a cupcake shop in Pasadena. Their strawberry shortcake cupcake was great–the others were just ok. But it was a cute shop and a nice stop in the otherwise all yarn all the time day.


And a mini-pic from Friday night, which included wine and Mall Madness (a shopping game from 1988). A good night. (I am on the right).

thank you all for the birthday wishes. The weekend exceeded my expectations–the hotel was amazing, and relaxing. And then there were other small celebrations as the weekend went on. I am feeling quite loved, which is wonderful. Too bad I have to go to work tomorrow.

The hotel:

The living room

The bedroom

The birthday girl

I was going to title this post spoilt but I have already used that, which is just evidence of how lucky I am.

How lucky, you ask?

That lucky. Bertha is so amazing. It is an early birthday gift (July 13th) and a perfect one at that. I am off to wind up my yarn, and get to knitting. Don’t tell my sockapalooooza socks.

Tomorrow is the eye doctor appointment–I will update tomorrow evening.

Imogen is done. Ends woven in and all. She just needs to be blocked, which will probably happen tomorrow. I am pretty sure that I like her (hot damn she is warm!) and I can’t wait for my ring stick brooch thing to arrive so I can take a formal, complete picture. But if it dries before the brooch comes I will definitely be posting pictures.

And I decided to knit Pomatomus socks for my sockapalooooza pal. Her feet are very different from mine, and I am not comfortable winging it on my own. So, I am planning on knitting both at the same time on two sets of DPNs (ie the ribbing on one, and then the other, the lace on one, and then the other, etc). We’ll see how long that lasts.

And then, on Friday I was in a bad mood. I have been sick for a few days and realized that I wouldn’t be able to do the social things I had planned on this weekend. So, I bitched and moaned all day to Bertha over email while we were both at work. (work has been slow….that’s another story). Anyways, she was overly kind and put up with all sorts of emails (with subjects like: ‘i am seriously unstable’ followed by ‘feel better.’ It was one of those days.)

In thanks for all of her patience and wisdom and help and general goodness, I got her a gift certificate to The Sweet Sheep. And, because she was feeling bad for my insane moodiness, she bought be a gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts. She calls this “sharing a transcontinental brain.” I am inclined to agree. Thanks B.

lots of things happening in the extended family these days.

My in-laws are headed to China (my mother-in-law very early this morning, and my father-in-law in about 9 days) for the first time in 22+ years.  I can’t wait to see pictures of where T is from (hoping they take some of their old apt building, etc) and to see his family (the only biological family I have ever met are his parents and his brother. Everyone else is family in the social sense of the word, but I will get to see pictures of his aunt, grandmother, and cousins. Should be neat.)

My mom is having surgery on Wednesday. It should all go smoothly, but still quite stressful (especially since I won’t get to see her until Saturday, but I anticipate hourly reports from my dad).

And one week from today I leave for my cruise. I have been corresponding with one of my roommates and have started packing. I need to buy a few more things, but I am getting closer and closer to being really ready. Just have to finish up the work of this week (which should be a ton) and saturday will be spent with my mom and my mentor/friend laura. Sunday, T will drop me off on the ship.

The other thing happening here is some sort of split in our social group. Unsure where things will shake out, but I have the feeling that we will have many fewer friends very soon. Some of our friends have become evangelical christians, and generally, this was fine with us, they knew we weren’t interested, etc. But something came up that I think will have people taking sides, and the side we are/will be taking will put us at odds with most everyone else. I don’t regret it, exactly, because I couldn’t make a different choice. But it is still odd to watch this all play out.

I am kind of bummed because these are really our closest friends in a lot of ways, the people we saw most every weekend, people we considered family. And things are changing. I am not a great friend to begin with and am not good at making new friends. But I suppose things will work out one way or another.  Of course I could be buying trouble and this may end very differently than I think, but I can’t really see things going back to how they were.

Trying to use this blog more regularly–i am thinking that i need to spend less time making sure that every post has pictures, is knitting related, whatever, and just use it as my journal. see what comes of that.

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