Cambridge Jacket

And I am back. Don’t know if anyone is still reading, but I am here. And I have pictures (I figured I couldnt come back without photos or I could be certain that no one would read it.)

Work is very hard–sometimes the clients are hard to deal with, some times the boss drives me crazy. But it is much like any other job, I imagine, with good and bad points. I talked to a coworker at my former job, and it sounds that it has gotten worse, so I am feeing fine with leaving.

I have been going to bed at 9 every night, still in that new job fatigue. I am hoping that it is gone by January.

Onto the pictures.

First is the Cambridge Jacket–it just needs a zipper and is done! Going to hopefully buy that today. (It isn’t as wonky as it looks in the picture, once I saw the picture I went back and straightened out more of the ribs. I love it.)

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Here is a pinwheel baby blanket for Bertha. The error is hidden (I hope–don’t look too close!) but it looks good and I hope that she likes it. It should be mailed out over the weekend.

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And my boy Milo at the window. Most of my cat pictures are just blurs.

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Now, I am working on Pippa, want that done my Christmas. After that, it is lots of sock knitting, hopefully an easy top down raglan, and more sock knitting.


I have made some knitting progress, and recieved a long-anticipated birthday present.

First, the present:

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A perfect knitting bag from selu, made by Anatomy of a Skirt. Well made and rockin. Thank you selu. I love it.

And proof that I do knit:

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I am done with the fronts and back of the Cambridge Jacket. Obviously unblocked and rolling in on itself. But still, done! I am about 8 inches into the first sleeve–hopefully I will get some good knitting time this weekend, and can finish this sleeve and start the next. The end is almost in sight.

(can anyone tell me what movie that line is in? mom, you are not allowed to answer!)

Yes, I baked. A Pumpkin Spice Cake from the newest mailorder.


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I tried to substitute some of the oil with applesauce, which kinda worked. The cake is much more brownie like–very very moist, and not very tall. But hell, who doesn’t like brownies that taste like pumpkin pie? Especially with home made cream cheese frosting.

I would make it again, but using applesauce for all of the oil, and using more cream cheese and less butter in the frosting.

Big thank you to Marti, a friend who came over and gently guided me through my first baking from scratch ever. I hope to do more in the future.

While the cake was baking, I got a lot done on the Cambridge Jacket. Hopefully (as soon as I am done here) I will finish the second front, and just have the arms left. I am getting excited about piecing it all together.

And work is still completely up in the air. The temp lady just isn’t very good at getting back to me. I did apply to the hospital job, and will be following up with them on Wednesday. I am unsure if the temp thing will happen or not. There are a few legal ends that need tying up at my current job before I can even consider leaving. Hopefully the biggest one will be done by tomorrow, leaving me much more freedom.

But I have some faith that it will somehow work out (the worst that happens is that I am at this shitty job for a bit longer.) I will leave this job, and hopefully soon. The details will come.

The back of the Cambridge Jacket is done (if this goes well, I will be knitting another one for T. We shall see).

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And I got to spend the day with Kelly and her family at Felt Club and in Echo Park (the park itself as well as the neighborhood). It was a beautiful day and I had a great time. T and I are making tentative plans to spend a weekend in her town sometime soon.

A good weekend, hopefully it will propel me through another week.

Knitting progress was made this weekend.

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This is the back of the Cambridge Jacket for my dad in Cascade 220 Navy. I am hoping to bind off the back before the weekend, and start the fronts asap.

The weekend will be spent doing family stuff in LA, and hopefully meeting up with Kelly at Felt Club. And I am trying to lure Andrea out to Riverside next Sunday.

Regarding work, I have decided to look for a new job now. I am not anticipating finding anything before 14 or so more weeks, so it isn’t too big of a shift in time frame, but it is quite the shift in the way I am thinking about it (my vocabulary escapes me. I blame the heat.) I am going to be choosy about what job I take, as I actually do want to enjoy my day, and come home feeling decent, rather than cranky, tired, and usually pissed off.

So, I am now actively seeking new employment. Hooray!