August 2008

A few weeks ago we were in san francisco.

My brother taking a picture of my dad in his apartment.

Finished socks.

I registered on which I had heard about for a while, and it is pretty neat (to track food and exercise).

And I ran yesterday, with the intent of getting back into cardio shape to run the same race I ran last year. I am redoing the couch to 5k program since it is been maybe four or five months since I have run any decent distance. I started on week four (see program here) which went pretty well.

Working on an embossed leaves sock out of handmaiden casbah–pictures next time.




Not much new here. Working. Heading to San Francisco this weekend (staying where we stayed last year.) It should be wonderful.

Once I finish the socks above I will probably be knitting a solid color Tempest from some Shivaya Naturals yarn.

Good knitting makes life better.