May 2008

I have been knitting.

Began: 28 April 2008
Finished: 19 May 2008
Yarn: 3 Skeins Sundara Yarn Aran Silky Merino in Ruby Port
Needles: Sz 8

It is SO soft and comfortable. I love it, and it was a smooth knitting process (no mistakes, no ripping back. Just how I like it.)



So, I did a bit of yarn shopping (and redeemed some pre-birthday gifts.)

The local Alaska yarn stores were very nice, but the knitters were a bit competitive to get to the yarn–there were just more of us than yarn (which is why my mother, aunt, and I strategized and beat the rest of the cruisers to the Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria. Totally worth it.)

There are notes on the picture if you click on it.

Back from Alaska. It was more beautiful than I had ever anticipated.

I also did a fair bit of knitting and yarn shopping, but those pictures will come a bit later.

There are a bunch of pictures on my flickr account, here.

Here are a few:

The Hubbard Glacier

The Tongass National Forest

The Mendenhall Glacier from the helicopter

I passed my last licensure exam this morning. Which means that once my check goes through, I will be an L C S W (spaces to prevent googling).

I started this process in 2003 when I began grad school, and I am really proud. The process is a pain in the ass and the tests are hard. But I am done. I think I am still in shock–when I saw the PASS on the screen I just covered my mouth and got teary. And then I got numb. Tomorrow at work might feel different, when I get to tell the people that I work with. Or maybe when I actually get my license number, and business cards, and start doing a miniature private practice.

I am knitting (running a tiny bit but not much) and packing for my cruise but I have no pictures. I promise to have a ton of pictures in about 2 weeks, when I return from Alaska.