So, my licensure hours have been approved, and a test date is set. And it is pretty soon. So the hardcore studying begins, and the hardcore knitting and running (though that hasn’t been too hardcore lately) get put on hold.

I did get some knitting done the past few weeks though.

The back of a Central Park Hoodie, in Cotton-ease (50 cotton/50 acrylic, so actually wearable in Southern California.) I also have one of the fronts completed (it is a cardigan), and have started the second front. But, I plan on not knitting, until the test is over. (Of course, this is test 1 of 2. So passing this one is just another part of the process, not the end. But a big part nonetheless.) So this sweater will need to sit for a bit. Well, I do have knit night, and I will get a bit of knitting done there, but not much (we talk as much as we knit.)

Also, I don’t think I showed these:

Charade socks in Fleece Artist Sea Wool (thanks Lisa!).

The toes are a bit weird–a different decrease than I normally do, plus one glaring error. But they are soft, and nice.

And I don’t do this much (ever?), but if you could send out positive thoughts that I will pass this test, it would be very appreciated. The stress is a bit much — and is just building.