Today I am mailing off my application to test for my LCSW. This is an application 2.5 years in the making, and I am really, really proud. (All I actually had to do to get to this point was work, organize my supervision, and take some classes. The testing is still to come. But I am still proud that I stuck with it, making sure I got what I needed.)

I am knitting, on some socks (which are much farther along than you see here but it is grey and rainy) and still running (so far i have run 25 miles this month, and plan to run today, which is pretty far for me. Of course some people do this in a week, but I am still happy with it.)

Lots of parentheses here, sorry about that. Life keeps going in steps, one at a time. And I am happy to have finished this one.

And a scarf I finished, for good measure. It is 100 percent alpaca and incredibly soft and squishy. I am not smiling because I look silly when I do so in pictures. I should work on that.