My new job, that is.

I started on Friday (it was supposed to be on a Thursday but my clearances didn’t come through until Thursday. I was offered starting on Friday, or waiting til January 3rd. I admit that I was tempted to take the month of December off, but that isn’t very realistic). I haven’t started any actual work; orientation goes through Tuesday, and then work will actually start on Wednesday. I am going to call my supervisor sometime tomorrow and find out what unit I will be working on and other basic information about my job.

I received some very pretty yarn in the mail this weekend, and I am unsure what it will be.

It is 1000 yds of silk lace. I am seriously considering Juno Regina and the Victoria Shawl (without the border– just the center pattern with a garter stitch edging). Any thoughts (or other suggestions)?

(otherwise on the knitting front I am halfway done with the first sleeve on the cardigan, and finished with the first monkey sock.)