I spent this past Saturday hitting up 4 semi-local yarn stores with two good knitting friends.


Our yarn adventures began at Wildfiber in Santa Monica. Gorgeous store, a *ton* of really nice yarns (including Socks that Rock in stock….) and a helpful staff. Prices were a bit high, but I am guessing that rent in Santa Monica is also a bit high. I really, really enjoyed their selection, but was overwhelmed and didn’t purchase anything.

Next up was Knit Cafe (no pictures–I was told that the owner did not like pictures being taken of her store). This one was a mixed bag–good selection of yarns, generally nice staff, and overall good vibe to the store. The feel of this one was my favorite. But there was something just a touch snobbish about one of the workers that made it less than perfect. I did purchase some magazines here (Fall and Winter Interweave Knits from 2004 to 2007 for 12$. Not bad).

After this was Skein in Pasadena (I realize that I am not linking to any of these. Sorry.) Not my favorite–possibly my least favorite). They had a great selection of Rowan and RYC yarns, and then a great selection of fun fur and other novelty yarns, and that was about it. Overall a friendly place, but nothing that made me want to go back.

Last was Unraveled in Monrovia. This store is in a nice space, with a good selection of malabrigo and other general wools, plus some sock and lace yarns. I would probably return here, but didn’t find anything I needed right now.

We also stopped at Dots, a cupcake shop in Pasadena. Their strawberry shortcake cupcake was great–the others were just ok. But it was a cute shop and a nice stop in the otherwise all yarn all the time day.


And a mini-pic from Friday night, which included wine and Mall Madness (a shopping game from 1988). A good night. (I am on the right).