I have been knitting a bunch, but no photos have been taken. I am still working on a plain top down raglan cardigan, which I think is turning out nicely. Next up is another pair of socks and then possibly the Central Park Hoodie in a deep grey.

Work has been … well, it’s been work. I honestly could not come up with a word. My boss has been out of town for the last 2 weeks, which is nice but my responsibilities increase 10 fold, and then I have to answer for my decisions (which normally wouldnt be bad, but I have no idea if she will agree with the decisions that I have made, and she won’t hesitate to undermine me if she doesn’t).

I have a tentative new job offer–I need to pass the physical and drug test/fingerprinting, and then the job will be mine. It is with county so the hiring process kind of takes forever, but if all goes as I am planning, I will start there Jan 3 (and end here Dec 21, taking the week of Christmas off for the first time since I finished grad school.) The people seem very nice, and I am hopeful I will like the work (medical social work in a hospital setting, which I have done before, with babies/children). It is actually the exact job I thought I would want while I was in grad school (or pretty close to it). Goodness, I am all about parentheses today.

I finished the Couch to 5k program last night, running my last 30 minute run (2.7 miles). I am really proud of myself, and plan to run the next 3 runs for 32 minutes, the 3 after that for 35 and then begin this 10k training program. I am not quite up to 3 miles yet, so that is why I am not starting immediately. I will have to start running for distance, not time.

Thanks for still reading this–I am hoping for some decent knit pictures soon.