October 2007

Monkey socks finished (size 1 needles, Socks that Rock mediumweight yarn in Blue Moonstone).

Job interview next Tuesday–unsure what exactly the position calls for, but I feel like I need to be proactive. My other job is still ongoing, but continues to be unstable as it is unclear what the company that owns us plans to do (ie sell us, shut us down, keep us open. It is completely undecided and therefore I am finding it very stressful).

Running is still coming along nicely–I ran 20 minutes for the first time yesterday (and finished the 5th week of the program ) without stopping–outside–and traveled 1.85 miles for a 10:50 minute mile. Pretty damn proud of that.

Out to dinner with T. Baby shower for a friend at work, and then licensure supervision this weekend. Sorry blogging has been so sporadic and crappy–worklife has been taking its toll.


The cuff of Monkey socks. I actually have the gusset finished and will knit more of the foot at knit night this evening.

Work is still incredibly unstable, which has increased my stress, which has made me feel like crap. I am still doing the couch to 5k program (completed week 4 day 2 today) which is helping with my mood. But generally, I am pretty stressed out and frustrated. So not a great blogger. Sorry about that–hopefully I will have some kind of good news soon.