September 2007

First, the finished endpaper mitts:

Certainly not perfect, but not horrible for my first colorwork, and that it was done on dpns.

I want my next colorwork project to be Venezia (link goes to a flickr photo of a 2 color version, rather than a 10 color version. I will definitely do a 2 color version).

Not a very cute picture, but it is me and Stephanie, the yarn harlot. I saw her speak in LA last weekend–very, very funny.

On to the less interesting.

I began a couch to 5k program (I am doing the one at which involved walks/jogs 3 times a week for 9 weeks, building up to running for 30 minutes straight. I really need the cardiovascular workout, as my family has a strong history of heart problems, and the yoga that I am doing these days is very strength based, but not aerobically challenging.

Also, work is very, very off right now. I am unsure about my future with this company, and this is incredibly stress-inducing. It is also completely out of my control, which doesn’t help. I am hoping to have more info by the middle of next week.

Ah, wait! more knitting info. I have decided to make scarfs with the lace that I recieved from the ravelry swap–probably 2 of the 3 scarfs here: Knitpicks Elizabeth 1 Scarfs.


(Not of the endpaper mitts, though they are done. Soon.)

First, a quick apology–if you commented on my last few posts and I didn’t respond, the comments got sent to my spam filter (looking in to how to fix that.)


These are from the Ravelry Summer Camp Swap. My pal was Meangirl and she spoiled me good.

The Zephyr

The Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb (SO soft!)

Thank you Jen!

not much to see here.

I have a crap picture of Hanami progress (I can’t figure out how to make the menu on the right side of my camera screen disappear, so I can’t tell when something is cut out of the picture. as shown here.) (also, it is obviously unblocked and scrunched up–it is even in real life)

Today it hasn’t gotten much over 100 degrees, so I am about to pull out some knitting for the first time in a while. Hoping to make some progress on my endpaper mitts.