I love San Francisco, and had a really nice (but short) weekend there. I also had a weekend in San Diego the weekend before, but took no pictures. It too was wonderful.

In SF we stayed at the Hotel Triton which is right at the gates to Chinatown. We were upgraded to a Celebrity Suite, which ended up meaning that our room was all about ice cream, and we had a freezer full of ice cream to eat for free. It was pretty awesome.

I bought some very pretty yarn at Artfibers, but that will be posted about this evening–i have no current pictures.

We spent a ton of time eating (and I got to go to Greens, an amazing vegetarian restaurant).

This was all in honor of my grandmother’s birthday (seen here getting her picture taken by my brother)

and a few more pictures

My mother, grandmother, cousin’s daughter, and myself playing on the bed

And my brother, my cousin and his daughter, and my self

Next up with be discussion about ripping out my current knitting, and the new silk that I got at artfibers.