As of 9:15 am this morning, my vision was 20/20, which ain’t half bad. Still feel drowsy from all of the sleeping pills I had to take yesterday. T got to watch and was kind of grossed out. I actually got to watch the person before me, who had a slightly different procedure, but it allowed me to picture what he was doing to me while it was going on.

I was really relaxed with the right eye (the first one he did) but then the left eye started to get all twitchy and I got incredibly anxious. Fortunately it only took about 15 minutes total in the operating room, which was nice.

And now, no glasses. I am legally cleared to drive, but don’t feel comfortable. I can still feel that my eyes are a bit swollen and just odd feeling, which should go away in a few days.

thank you all for your well-wishes!