July 2007

So, I had to cut the yarn. But it is done, and I am pretty pleased with it.

And before I send them off, here are the sockapalooooza socks. (they are the same size, I swear)

A big thank you to everyone for their support with the insanely tangled yarn. I did cut it, and I have no regrets. On to the next thing.


damn. the cats got the yarn that i am using for the shetland triangle. they got the shawl too, but left it alone. but the yarn. oh my god. i have probably spent at least 5 hours trying to untangle it. am no where near done. and i have four fucking rows until the damn thing is finished. these are the needles i need for my next project, and i don’t like leaving a project unfinished anyways. please, please, let me get this yarn untangled soon. it is making me really, really pissy.

(just read this to T who verifies the pissy-ness. he says that he has had a talk with the cats. we shall see.)

As of 9:15 am this morning, my vision was 20/20, which ain’t half bad. Still feel drowsy from all of the sleeping pills I had to take yesterday. T got to watch and was kind of grossed out. I actually got to watch the person before me, who had a slightly different procedure, but it allowed me to picture what he was doing to me while it was going on.

I was really relaxed with the right eye (the first one he did) but then the left eye started to get all twitchy and I got incredibly anxious. Fortunately it only took about 15 minutes total in the operating room, which was nice.

And now, no glasses. I am legally cleared to drive, but don’t feel comfortable. I can still feel that my eyes are a bit swollen and just odd feeling, which should go away in a few days.

thank you all for your well-wishes!

Lasik is tomorrow at 2pm. I am not as anxious as I think that I should be. Instead I am just excited about the day off.

And the shawl is coming along well

It really is symmetrical, just shoved onto the needles. It asks for 8 repeats and then a 14 row edging-I just finished the 9th repeat with a ton of yarn left. So I am planning on at least two more repeats, and then edging. We shall see.

thank you all for the birthday wishes. The weekend exceeded my expectations–the hotel was amazing, and relaxing. And then there were other small celebrations as the weekend went on. I am feeling quite loved, which is wonderful. Too bad I have to go to work tomorrow.

The hotel:

The living room

The bedroom

The birthday girl

I had pictures planned, but they aren’t happening.

26 today. Its odd–the number sounds bigger, older, more grown, than I feel. And then I realize that I really am 26, or how I imagine 26.

The only thing I would really change would be my in person social life. That has been hard hit recently, by changes that I knew were coming. I am a bit sad that my birthday celebration will be much smaller than I would have thought a few months ago, but really, there isn’t much better than spending time with T. And that is what I will do.

Happy birthday to me. (and Ms. Acrylique).

we have purchased our first real (ie non Ikea) adult furniture–a big old couch and a mini-bookcase thing for our entry.

We got the mini-bookcase in black.

(note that we did not get the ottoman or rug–just the couch).

Other than that, it has been a complete shit weekend, with working all day Saturday, and running all of our errands this morning. Not much knitting progress–too damn hot (I think it must have hit about 110 today). I did get another lace repeat done during the week but that is about it.