Well, I have scaled back (and ripped back) my sockapalooooza socks. I messed up the lace chart while knitting the gusset (on both socks) and have ripped one back this evening (after trying to reknit the gusset correctly for 2.5 hours) and plan on doing the other tomorrow. From here on out, I will be knitting in stockinette. I take full responsibility for this problem–the pattern is really well written, but I just couldn’t do it (I think that eventually I could have figured it out. Maybe even on my next try. But I am hating these socks right now and I don’t want to send my sockpal socks knitted out of frustration and anger. So I am simplifying, for my sake and for hers.)

Eye doctor update: 2 pre-op exams, and then maybe surgery on July 20th. The price was very reasonable, and the chances of 20/20 vision or better are 98%. Can’t ask for much more, in my opinion. So I have an exam where my pupils are dilated–anyone ever had that done?–and then a meeting with the surgeon, to make sure that this weird eye condition that I have doesn’t disqualify me. And then, surgery. I am really, really excited.

Off to bed, and then to revisit the socks in the morning. At this point, I am just feeling relief.