Kind of boring update. I got my invitation to Ravelry and have spent a lot of time getting my info loaded in. I have also volunteered as a pattern editor for a few sources (Fleece Artist, My Fashionable Life, and Poems in Color) which is kind of neat. Of course this means that my knitting has been a bit neglected but I plan on fixing that this weekend. I have turned the heel on one sockapalooooza sock, and am working the heel flap on the other. I plan to have that heel turned and hopefully at least one gusset completed by Monday.

On Tuesday I have my really exciting thing: a consultation for Lasik surgery. This kind of freaks me out in that it is surgery on my eyes (!) but I have worn glasses since 2nd grade, and would really, really like to not need them anymore. I called this morning for information, and ended up with an appointment on Tuesday, with talk of the surgery happening in about 3 weeks. I am going to the most conservative doctor around, because I would rather be told that I didn’t qualify than get surgery that doesn’t work.

Other than that, not much happening around here. I have some seriously big knitting plans which will be pursued post-sockapalooooza socks (like one of these out of my silk/wool handmaiden yarn.

Off to dinner to celebrate that fact that T has completed all of his coursework for his PhD. Yay!