Imogen is complete. Sorry for the post-work almost half smile. Its about all I could do today. I am still waiting for the ring brooch thing to use as a clasp–it should come in the next week or so. The neck will be more rolled back, if that makes sense, once I can clasp it. And the sleeves are a bit long, but I think that I like it. As an alpaca/wool sweater, it won’t get too much wear here, but at least I can wear it on the cruise to Alaska next year. And on vacations to cold places.

And two of my boys–Otis is grooming Alfred. This is always really nice to see, because for so long (like 9 months) they hated each other. Or, Alfred couldn’t stand being around them. But to see them cuddling and grooming is just so nice.

Next is finishing the sockapalooooza socks. After that? The Cables and Os Sweater from No Sheep for You. I know that I have lots of sock yarn to knit up, but a sweater in cotton seems like a good thing to be knitting. I bought the cotton/linen blend yarn in a soft grey. I am in a sweater phase so I am going with it.