June 2007

I am always interested in the knitting culture (especially the online/blog/festival knitting culture) and when a friend invited me to the International Gourd Art Festival I thought it would be neat to get a peak into the gourd art world. And, it is interesting. Certainly not my thing, but some really pretty gourds. I took pictures of the ones that I liked, rather than the most ‘artistic’ and ornate ones.


So, the first sockapalooooza sock is done. I do need to graft the toe, but that will take all of 3 minutes, so I am considering it finished.

also, my new yarn arrived today.

It is Sundara Yarn Sport Merino in Steel Green over Purple Grey. I think that I am going to use it to make this cardigan. I know that it isn’t particularly attractive in the bright green alpaca that it is shown in, but there is a version on ravelry that is gorgeous.

Finished the first of 8 repeats on the body section of the lace shawl. About to put in another lifeline, and do another repeat (I put in my first lifeline once I finished the 20 set-up rows).

Well, I have scaled back (and ripped back) my sockapalooooza socks. I messed up the lace chart while knitting the gusset (on both socks) and have ripped one back this evening (after trying to reknit the gusset correctly for 2.5 hours) and plan on doing the other tomorrow. From here on out, I will be knitting in stockinette. I take full responsibility for this problem–the pattern is really well written, but I just couldn’t do it (I think that eventually I could have figured it out. Maybe even on my next try. But I am hating these socks right now and I don’t want to send my sockpal socks knitted out of frustration and anger. So I am simplifying, for my sake and for hers.)

Eye doctor update: 2 pre-op exams, and then maybe surgery on July 20th. The price was very reasonable, and the chances of 20/20 vision or better are 98%. Can’t ask for much more, in my opinion. So I have an exam where my pupils are dilated–anyone ever had that done?–and then a meeting with the surgeon, to make sure that this weird eye condition that I have doesn’t disqualify me. And then, surgery. I am really, really excited.

Off to bed, and then to revisit the socks in the morning. At this point, I am just feeling relief.

I was going to title this post spoilt but I have already used that, which is just evidence of how lucky I am.

How lucky, you ask?

That lucky. Bertha is so amazing. It is an early birthday gift (July 13th) and a perfect one at that. I am off to wind up my yarn, and get to knitting. Don’t tell my sockapalooooza socks.

Tomorrow is the eye doctor appointment–I will update tomorrow evening.

Kind of boring update. I got my invitation to Ravelry and have spent a lot of time getting my info loaded in. I have also volunteered as a pattern editor for a few sources (Fleece Artist, My Fashionable Life, and Poems in Color) which is kind of neat. Of course this means that my knitting has been a bit neglected but I plan on fixing that this weekend. I have turned the heel on one sockapalooooza sock, and am working the heel flap on the other. I plan to have that heel turned and hopefully at least one gusset completed by Monday.

On Tuesday I have my really exciting thing: a consultation for Lasik surgery. This kind of freaks me out in that it is surgery on my eyes (!) but I have worn glasses since 2nd grade, and would really, really like to not need them anymore. I called this morning for information, and ended up with an appointment on Tuesday, with talk of the surgery happening in about 3 weeks. I am going to the most conservative doctor around, because I would rather be told that I didn’t qualify than get surgery that doesn’t work.

Other than that, not much happening around here. I have some seriously big knitting plans which will be pursued post-sockapalooooza socks (like one of these out of my silk/wool handmaiden yarn.

Off to dinner to celebrate that fact that T has completed all of his coursework for his PhD. Yay!

Its been a while since I talked about yoga here. Mainly because my yoga participation is so much less than it used to be. One reason for this is my job, which has me working longer (though easier) hours than my previous one. The other reason is that in January, when Layla died, my whole routine went to shit. Everything else is basically back on track, but I am still doing well if I get to one yoga class every two weeks, and the 3-5 classes a week I was taking last fall is far from my current reality.

So besides attending class today, I attended a workshop aimed at helping you create a home practice that doesn’t replace class, but keeps you in the loop, so to speak. We each came up with a series of 8 or so poses that we would do in our practice. In case anyone was curious, this is what I came up with.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
Prasarita padottanasa (Wide-legged Forward Bend)
Dandasana (Staff Pose)
Janu Sirsasana
Half Staff Half Hero Pose
Navasana (Boat Pose)
Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
Shoulder Stand

Nothing too challenging, but enough to help me stay centered, flexible, and strong.

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