I have been tagged by Niki to share 7 random facts about me.

1. I cannot fall asleep without reading. I bring reading material wherever I do, and I have to read at least a few words before I can sleep–doesn’t matter the time or how tired I am–I have to read.

2. I constantly feel torn between knitting and yoga. When I get home from work, I could do one or the other, and since knitting can take place in my pajamas, it usually wins. I am hoping to go to a workshop next month about creating your own home yoga practice, and then making myself do it before I allow myself to knit.

3. I love old movies. Generally, I can turn the tv to an old movie channel, and just leave it all day (until the movies from the 70s come on. I do not like those). I especially like musicals and romantic comedies.

4. I cannot leave a knitting project on the needles without an explicit plan to come back to it. There are times where I really want to start something new, but if I do that, I will finish the something new and immediately return to the project I put down. It makes me antsy to have more than one project going at any one time.

5. I hate cooking. I wish that I like it more, but I really, really do not enjoy it. T is a wonderful cook, and while he enjoys it more than I do, he would really prefer that I cook too. And, generally, I don’t. I have cookbooks that look wonderful, can buy all of the ingredients, but never cook shit.

6. Speaking of, I swear constantly. I know when to turn it off, but generally, I am swearing a lot. Doesn’t bother me, but sometimes I realize that others might not like it.

7. I don’t collect anything. I always wanted to start a collection but never found anything I liked well enough to actually collect.

I tag Lisa and anyone else who wants to do it.