Entering this contest, because I really do need to organize my knitting plan for the next few months, and doing it while entering a contest doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Summer knitting goals:

1) Finish Imogen (fleece artist sweater)
2) Sockapalooooza socks
3) Second Claudia’s handpainted socks
4) Koigu socks (or at least one other pair of socks)
5) Do something with the lace weight yarn I have
6) Lorna’s Laces socks (or, again, another pair of socks).

That makes 3.5 pairs of socks, the rest of the sweater (I have about 6 inches on the second sleeve left, and then the front), and some lace. Seems reasonable to me.

Getting all that done would feel great (and make at least a small dent in my stash.)

(if anyone reading this decides to enter, please let her know you read about it on my blog)