This cruise was the first time I traveled alone (and yes, I was meeting a large group of knitters, and had roommates, but no one knew me before hand, and I knew no one).

It is hard to explain how non-frightening it was. I felt confident and free, answering to only myself, making my own schedule. T has traveled alone and with his best friend since our marriage, but this was my first time doing this on my own.

I think I was more sociable than I would have been if I had gone with someone, and while there were definite moments I felt a little awkward or uncomfortable, I just kept pushing through, and things ended up fine. I am hopeful that I have actually made new friends–I know that I met many people, but am unsure how many (if any) will become actual friends. (though I have roped Eunny into helping me knit lace)

I am not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow (who ever looks forward to returning to work after a vacation?) but it will also be nice to be back in the swing of things (do I have any new patients? Did anyone discharge?). And I also need to begin studying again (my notebook is sitting next to me, and i keep messing around online. after this i have got to get to work).

But goodness, it was nice to be away, meet new people, knit, and have little to no access to the outside world. I didn’t check the news at all while away, which was a bit guilt inducing, but really, really calming.

And, here is a taste of something that I bought