May 2007

I took a fair isle class at my local knitting store on Saturday.Here are the results:
It is one of Eunny’s Endpaper Mitts. I will make the second one later this summer–once my sweater and sockapalooooza socks are completed.

It definitely has some tension issues, but overall I am very, very proud. (and it isn’t blocked, so I am hopeful that it will become even more smooth post-blocking.)


I have been tagged by Niki to share 7 random facts about me.

1. I cannot fall asleep without reading. I bring reading material wherever I do, and I have to read at least a few words before I can sleep–doesn’t matter the time or how tired I am–I have to read.

2. I constantly feel torn between knitting and yoga. When I get home from work, I could do one or the other, and since knitting can take place in my pajamas, it usually wins. I am hoping to go to a workshop next month about creating your own home yoga practice, and then making myself do it before I allow myself to knit.

3. I love old movies. Generally, I can turn the tv to an old movie channel, and just leave it all day (until the movies from the 70s come on. I do not like those). I especially like musicals and romantic comedies.

4. I cannot leave a knitting project on the needles without an explicit plan to come back to it. There are times where I really want to start something new, but if I do that, I will finish the something new and immediately return to the project I put down. It makes me antsy to have more than one project going at any one time.

5. I hate cooking. I wish that I like it more, but I really, really do not enjoy it. T is a wonderful cook, and while he enjoys it more than I do, he would really prefer that I cook too. And, generally, I don’t. I have cookbooks that look wonderful, can buy all of the ingredients, but never cook shit.

6. Speaking of, I swear constantly. I know when to turn it off, but generally, I am swearing a lot. Doesn’t bother me, but sometimes I realize that others might not like it.

7. I don’t collect anything. I always wanted to start a collection but never found anything I liked well enough to actually collect.

I tag Lisa and anyone else who wants to do it.

Entering this contest, because I really do need to organize my knitting plan for the next few months, and doing it while entering a contest doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Summer knitting goals:

1) Finish Imogen (fleece artist sweater)
2) Sockapalooooza socks
3) Second Claudia’s handpainted socks
4) Koigu socks (or at least one other pair of socks)
5) Do something with the lace weight yarn I have
6) Lorna’s Laces socks (or, again, another pair of socks).

That makes 3.5 pairs of socks, the rest of the sweater (I have about 6 inches on the second sleeve left, and then the front), and some lace. Seems reasonable to me.

Getting all that done would feel great (and make at least a small dent in my stash.)

(if anyone reading this decides to enter, please let her know you read about it on my blog)

(to you, hoping you come through too)

Progress on the sweater: the back is done, starting (barely) on the first sleeve.

(this is a sideways knit sweater, so while the picture has it knit in the typical way, it will actually be worn perpendicular to this photo). This yarn is amazingly soft and the colors are beautiful (I couldn’t get a picture to do them justice)

And two pairs of finished socks:

Lorna’s Laces–I know I showed one, but not the pair.

Mama-E sock yarn in Seaweed, from the goody bag on the cruise. A 2×2 rib on size 1s.

Back to the sweater (and cleaning out the car, and doing dishes, and grocery shopping–everything I haven’t done this weekend because I have been knitting).

The yarn has arrived. And, wow. I am so, so in love–it was worth waiting for (which I knew since I picked it out, but still.) And now, to finish 1.5 socks (I have 1/2 of a sock from Mama-E’s Seasock Seaweed yarn, and then the other pink/grey Claudia’s to finish) until I can cast on for the sweater!

First up is Handmaiden Mini-maiden (50% wool, 50% silk 500 yds)

The the sockapalooooza sock yarn in a true red:

And the yarn for the sweater

It is a blue with grey (or grey with blue), with spots of a rust color. I love it. It is 55% wool 45% alpaca (I think…)–so soft and warm. I have 3 huge skeins of it!

My mother in law is back from China and brought me a beautiful jade bracelet. Most of the women in T’s family wear them for protection (I also have a jade circle that needs to be put on a chain for a necklace that will be worn to protect my heart. I just need to go to a jeweler to put that together.)

I have her camera to upload/print her China pictures–I will probably post some soon.

There are some pictures here that show me tango-ing. Thanks Lisa for taking these! (this was the last night of the cruise, which included an open bar. good times.)

(impatiently waiting for my goods from beehive, the wool shop in canada. seriously, i should have bought another bag to check. i want them–and to show them off!–so badly.)

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