(since i can’t think of post titles, i will just use song titles for what i am listening to as i type.)

surgery is over and all is well. very tired, and dopey, and in some pain, but ok. thank goodness. i didn’t at all realize how upsetting/stressful it was until i saw my mom being moved into her room. then i just became overwhelmed with fatigue and anxiety and just plain exhaustion. so happy that all is well.

sunday cannot come soon enough now. (well, there is still a ton to do, but i am just daydreaming that it is all done).

need to:
block sweaters
finish packing
do laundry (for the packing)
buy some new needles
do a ton of therapy / family therapy sessions
orient the person who is covering for me (the girls already know her which is good)
type up some notes for her
visit my mom, bringing her some dvds and the new yarn harlot book
yoga class/coffee with a friend saturday morning
get some sleep!

really, it is doable in 3 days, but i am just feeling so tired already it seems insurmountable. and yet it will all happen, as it always does.

anyways, thank you all for thinking about my mom and i wanted to update.

and once i get back, then i will be all about sockapalooooza!