well, almost.

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crap picture, (and its all splotchy because it is wet, the yarn is a solid color) but i spent all day knitting, seaming, weaving in ends and it is now blocking on the floor of the den. i think i started this just about two months ago, which, for a sweater on sz 3 needles, isn’t too long ago.

hopefully i will pick up buttons after work and sew them on once the sweater is dry. after that a modeling picture will definitely come.

Also, T came home and caught the cats all sleeping together. It took about 10 months from getting the kittens, but they are all good friends now. Thank goodness.

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Also, it looks like thermal will be my last big knit for a while. I really need to be studying for my licensure exam, which i will probably take in about 11 months. So I will probably knit socks/dishcloths, etc, from now until I’m licensed.

and my cruise is two weeks away–starting to get excited and nervous. but mostly excited (even if i don’t like anyone, or no one likes me, i can spend my time in the heated pool, in yoga classes, and sleeping. sounds like a vacation to me.)