April 2007

Otis is as surprised as I am to receive these azaleas in the mail today. My boss, and her supervisor, sent them to me, as a thank you for the work that I do. Definitely unexpected.

Tomorrow I am away on the cruise — I will be back with pictures and stories in about a week!


(since i can’t think of post titles, i will just use song titles for what i am listening to as i type.)

surgery is over and all is well. very tired, and dopey, and in some pain, but ok. thank goodness. i didn’t at all realize how upsetting/stressful it was until i saw my mom being moved into her room. then i just became overwhelmed with fatigue and anxiety and just plain exhaustion. so happy that all is well.

sunday cannot come soon enough now. (well, there is still a ton to do, but i am just daydreaming that it is all done).

need to:
block sweaters
finish packing
do laundry (for the packing)
buy some new needles
do a ton of therapy / family therapy sessions
orient the person who is covering for me (the girls already know her which is good)
type up some notes for her
visit my mom, bringing her some dvds and the new yarn harlot book
yoga class/coffee with a friend saturday morning
get some sleep!

really, it is doable in 3 days, but i am just feeling so tired already it seems insurmountable. and yet it will all happen, as it always does.

anyways, thank you all for thinking about my mom and i wanted to update.

and once i get back, then i will be all about sockapalooooza!

lots of things happening in the extended family these days.

My in-laws are headed to China (my mother-in-law very early this morning, and my father-in-law in about 9 days) for the first time in 22+ years.  I can’t wait to see pictures of where T is from (hoping they take some of their old apt building, etc) and to see his family (the only biological family I have ever met are his parents and his brother. Everyone else is family in the social sense of the word, but I will get to see pictures of his aunt, grandmother, and cousins. Should be neat.)

My mom is having surgery on Wednesday. It should all go smoothly, but still quite stressful (especially since I won’t get to see her until Saturday, but I anticipate hourly reports from my dad).

And one week from today I leave for my cruise. I have been corresponding with one of my roommates and have started packing. I need to buy a few more things, but I am getting closer and closer to being really ready. Just have to finish up the work of this week (which should be a ton) and saturday will be spent with my mom and my mentor/friend laura. Sunday, T will drop me off on the ship.

The other thing happening here is some sort of split in our social group. Unsure where things will shake out, but I have the feeling that we will have many fewer friends very soon. Some of our friends have become evangelical christians, and generally, this was fine with us, they knew we weren’t interested, etc. But something came up that I think will have people taking sides, and the side we are/will be taking will put us at odds with most everyone else. I don’t regret it, exactly, because I couldn’t make a different choice. But it is still odd to watch this all play out.

I am kind of bummed because these are really our closest friends in a lot of ways, the people we saw most every weekend, people we considered family. And things are changing. I am not a great friend to begin with and am not good at making new friends. But I suppose things will work out one way or another.  Of course I could be buying trouble and this may end very differently than I think, but I can’t really see things going back to how they were.

Trying to use this blog more regularly–i am thinking that i need to spend less time making sure that every post has pictures, is knitting related, whatever, and just use it as my journal. see what comes of that.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

well, almost.

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crap picture, (and its all splotchy because it is wet, the yarn is a solid color) but i spent all day knitting, seaming, weaving in ends and it is now blocking on the floor of the den. i think i started this just about two months ago, which, for a sweater on sz 3 needles, isn’t too long ago.

hopefully i will pick up buttons after work and sew them on once the sweater is dry. after that a modeling picture will definitely come.

Also, T came home and caught the cats all sleeping together. It took about 10 months from getting the kittens, but they are all good friends now. Thank goodness.

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Also, it looks like thermal will be my last big knit for a while. I really need to be studying for my licensure exam, which i will probably take in about 11 months. So I will probably knit socks/dishcloths, etc, from now until I’m licensed.

and my cruise is two weeks away–starting to get excited and nervous. but mostly excited (even if i don’t like anyone, or no one likes me, i can spend my time in the heated pool, in yoga classes, and sleeping. sounds like a vacation to me.)