I haven’t taken any pictures of anything so I haven’t blogged (I know most people only look at pictures but I couldn’t leave the blog empty for much longer. I have included a kitten picture from when they were brand new so it wouldn’t be too boring. They will be a year old on April 1st.)

Thermal is coming along very well (it is the first sweater that I have knit in the round, and wow, it is nice not to worry about seaming.) I have the entire back done, and am working on the left front shoulder (then the right front shoulder, 2 arms, and done!) My goal is to get it done for the Sea Socks Cruise (which shouldn’t be a problem, as it is 6 weeks away, and I will be really bummed if I am still working on this in six weeks!).

My review at work went very, very well. Lots of approval from my boss, and from her boss. Work has become overwhelming–the house is full so my caseload is intensely high. I left today at 5 for the first time in about 2 weeks. In general it has been much closer to 6, and I take no breaks. Literally, no breaks–I eat with the girls, take them to the bathroom, etc. So I have been coming home and crashing.

I did get to a yoga class on Sunday (it was an Iyengar Yoga class, which was new to me, and I really liked) and I plan to go back next weekend. And maybe I will make it to Pilates Saturday morning. T and I have been running some as well (well, walking and running–I walk up hill 1 mile and run down.) which is also good for me. I wish I could get back to the 6 day a week yoga schedule, but that will take some serious discipline, and energy, and right now that energy is going to my work, and cooking/chores, etc. But hopefully sometime in the next few months.

Also, has anyone been to Puerto Rico? We have some friends getting married there in July and I am tempted to go (I can fly nonstop, the tickets aren’t too expensive, and hotels are cheap). We will be in Rincon (with an accent over the o), where my friend has a house.

And kittens!

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