We spent the weekend in Vegas with some friends, attending a fight (I know. Totally weird–I never, ever thought that I would go to any kind of fight, period. And enjoy it. But I did. And had a great time.)

We stayed at a Marriott, which was nice, clean, non smoking, and affordable. The fight was at UNLV and was packed with people (including Harrison Ford and Nicholas Cage). From there we went to dinner and then to Caesar’s Palace for gambling (I won 200$ at roulette!) and drinking/dancing. My friend helped me get all done up which was really fun because I never, ever do that.

The first picture is me and T, and the second is the four of us at dinner after the fight.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Today my boss told me I could attend the Pre-conference of theInternational Association of Eating Disorder Professionals which is focused on treating eating disorders in adolescents–and my work is going to pay. I feel like a real professional, building a specialty. It is an amazingly nice feeling. And this Friday is my 3 month review–with my boss and her boss. Wish me luck!

I have gotten more done on thermal, but it looks the same, just a bit longer. Didn’t get much knitting done over the weekend, and am now slowly recovering from the lack of sleep. Hoping to get some knitting done this coming weekend and maybe at the end of the week. But too tired right now.