So, I am still around.

Haven’t knit anything in 3 weeks. I have the knitting next to me and plan on popping in a video (perhaps Persuasion) and trying to knit on the second sock.

I am going to Big Bear next weekend (a snowy mountain place)–we have rented a cabin for 10 people (and there should be just about 10 people going) and will be snow boarding, celebrating birthdays, and generally spending time together (everyone who is going has been intimately involved with Layla’s death, including, hopefully, her parents). We are all still grieving, spending most of our time together, in small groups or large ones, huddling together.

In two weeks, T and I, and another couple who we are close with, are going to Vegas, to watch a fight (I know. I never, ever imagined those words coming from me. But it is true, and I am actually looking forward to it) and generally relax.

The two new babies in our group are both very sweet, and I have gotten to spend lots of time holding and loving on them, which is very, very nice.

I have started studying for my licensure exam, which I hope to take in about 13 months. I know that it is early to start studying, but I refuse to fail (it has a pass rate of 47% and you have to wait 6 months before you can take it again). Plus, if I pass, I take another test approximately 3 weeks later, which has an even lower pass rate. So, I am digging in and getting that going.

My sock knitting cruise is shaping up to look very fun, and is another good thing to look forward too.

I hope that my next post is a picture of finished socks. Knitting and yoga have fallen by the wayside and I would like to pick them up again (I did get to yoga on Tuesday, but it was emotionally rough. I didn’t go this weekend, and will try again Tuesday night).

Sending out positive thoughts and love to Bertha who should be having her baby any minute.