I know that most people really only like picture posts, but I have been thinking/worrying about this for years, and wanted input. I know that some of you are pregnant, some are parents, some are not, some don’t want to be. I don’t want to upset or offend anyone. With all that in mind…

I have some panic issues. They mainly center around global warming and the future of the earth. I want children. I just do, its not logical, its emotional, an internal desire. But I am so, so, so afraid to have them. I imagine that it is possible for me to die of old age (knock wood) and not have global warming totally fuck my life. But I am unsure if I can say the same thing for my children. I worry that having children will induce feelings of guilt and my panic will jump exponentially when I have to look 80 years into the future, rather than 50.

How do other people deal with this? I imagine I can’t be the only one who has these thoughts.