And I am back. Don’t know if anyone is still reading, but I am here. And I have pictures (I figured I couldnt come back without photos or I could be certain that no one would read it.)

Work is very hard–sometimes the clients are hard to deal with, some times the boss drives me crazy. But it is much like any other job, I imagine, with good and bad points. I talked to a coworker at my former job, and it sounds that it has gotten worse, so I am feeing fine with leaving.

I have been going to bed at 9 every night, still in that new job fatigue. I am hoping that it is gone by January.

Onto the pictures.

First is the Cambridge Jacket–it just needs a zipper and is done! Going to hopefully buy that today. (It isn’t as wonky as it looks in the picture, once I saw the picture I went back and straightened out more of the ribs. I love it.)

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Here is a pinwheel baby blanket for Bertha. The error is hidden (I hope–don’t look too close!) but it looks good and I hope that she likes it. It should be mailed out over the weekend.

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And my boy Milo at the window. Most of my cat pictures are just blurs.

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Now, I am working on Pippa, want that done my Christmas. After that, it is lots of sock knitting, hopefully an easy top down raglan, and more sock knitting.