December 2006

It is almost done. the button bands are finished, the fronts are seamed to the back and the stitches for the neckband are picked up. Unfortunately I am sick. And really tired. And afraid to make a mistake. So I will attempt to knit the neckline in the am and perhaps seam in the arms. Perhaps not. But the end is in sight.

And selu, so nice to hear from you. couldnt call back because it hurts really badly to talk, but finally saved the right number into the phone so we will be back in action soon.


So, Pippa is currently blocking on the floor of the den.

It is the 20th. If it is dry by Saturday, I can do the button bands that night (maybe–they could be time consuming, I have no idea). I have all day Sunday for seaming and the neckband, and sewing on the buttons. This just might be done by Christmas.

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Pippa is all knitted. Thank goodness. It has been a long time coming.

Blocking on wednesday–it seems possible that it will be done my christmas. Maybe christmas night, but christmas. Pictures while blocking.

Boy and cat-baby.

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Both boys

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The Cambridge Jacket is done! Thank you to my mom who sewed in the zipper–I think I will be able to do it myself the next time, but plan on spending many hours on it.

The pictures are a bit fuzzy and dark, but they were taken this evening, so the lighting wasn’t great. But I wanted to share. The jacket is a bit big on him–he was right in between sizes and I made the bigger one.

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I know that most people really only like picture posts, but I have been thinking/worrying about this for years, and wanted input. I know that some of you are pregnant, some are parents, some are not, some don’t want to be. I don’t want to upset or offend anyone. With all that in mind…

I have some panic issues. They mainly center around global warming and the future of the earth. I want children. I just do, its not logical, its emotional, an internal desire. But I am so, so, so afraid to have them. I imagine that it is possible for me to die of old age (knock wood) and not have global warming totally fuck my life. But I am unsure if I can say the same thing for my children. I worry that having children will induce feelings of guilt and my panic will jump exponentially when I have to look 80 years into the future, rather than 50.

How do other people deal with this? I imagine I can’t be the only one who has these thoughts.

Anyone planning on going to the Bazaar Bizarre?

I want to go, but my partner in crime (ie, my mom) has declined to go. Anyone wanna go with me?

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