soon I hope to settle in.

Right now I am in that new job exhaustion, with some extra special social busyness to make sure that I am really tired, having fun, but getting nothing done.

Cambridge Jacket is done except for crochet edging, which I don’t know how to do. I am hoping to have some time this evening to look it up, and maybe even get it done. The to weave in ends, do a final blocking, and wait for a zipper.

i would love to be knitting on pippa again (i have started one of the sleeves) but am finding no time at all. if i am not working or out, i feel like i should be reading about ED because there is so much to know and i need to know it now.

hopefully this will start to calm down soon and i can get back to knitting and regular yoga-ing (well, i am working really hard at keeping that as regular as possible) and blogging and emailing and commenting….