A very happy birthday to my mom who is the person that I am closest too after Tommy. I cannot overstate how important to me she is. And to show how much she loves me? A new quilt:

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It actually has a few more color changes, but I couldn’t get it to photograph well when it was open. Tommy and I chose the colors and gradation changes, as Tommy doesn’t like flowery fabrics or batiks. I love this blanket, love that she quilts, and am getting closer and closer to asking her to teach me. Not yet, but soon.

And, my parents are off to Spain, to visit my brother. I am so jealous.

On Thursday I spent the day being slightly out of control with andrea. It was really a wonderful day, hard as hell, because I knew that I would be saying goodbye. She is moving across the country, to be with family and move on into something exciting and new. But it was the perfect day together, and I miss her already.

Saturday was a Halloween party (as well as a MoveOn phone bank. I’d really like a democratic congress. please.)

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I am in the front, T is next to me in sunglasses. There are clearer photos, but I don’t have anyone else’s permission to post, so I figured this was as clear as I could go. Plus, the fun of drunken photography couldn’t go unnoticed.

And drugs. Back on them. I tried to go without, and while I generally could do it, it was really, really hard work. And it recently got to the point where I wasn’t sleeping or eating, and something needed to change. I just took my first pills and I feel a bit off (but in a good way) and am hopeful that this will really make a difference for me.

And yoga continues 6 days a week. I love my studio–the people I practice with and the practice itself. I think that I would have gone back on meds much sooner without the yoga, and am hoping that yoga will help me in the long run find some level of mental stability.

On that note, I only have 8 days left at my current job. I go directly to my new job the next day.