I had a job interview this afternoon. I applied yesterday, got a call this morning and went in this afternoon. It is for a primary therapist at a residential treatment facility for eating disorders. Less than 8 beds, girls from 11-17.

I would be responsible for 4 girls–that means 3 sessions of individual therapy per week with each girl, a family therapy session each week with each girl and her family, doing case management, discharge planning, admission, insurance ,etc. Basically, all of the interventions (except for dietary and body/mind/spirit work) for 4 girls would be done by me. The staff and girls eat lunch together, and basically the 8 hours you are there, you are on, working.

The interview didn’t go so well, but you never know. I don’t know who else she is interviewing, but decisions should be made by next Friday.


+ Clinical, clinical, clinical. It would be a steep learning curve, but I would learn a ton about how to really be a clinical therapist
+ Small caseload, so I could really focus on the girls I was working with
+ The director is very experienced and loves what she does
+ No on call. None.

– Serves wealthy clients, almost exclusively. Does take insurance, but is marketed to high income patients
– About 25 miles, 35 minutes commute
– I know nothing about eating disorders, therapeutic models, etc. Seriously, nothing.
– I will have to work late if there is a crisis. But I do that now, so it isn’t so much of a con as much as a fact of life for social workers.
– I don’t think that the interviewer liked me very much.

But it certainly made for an exciting day. I don’t have any idea what will happen, but it was certainly out of the ordinary. I am, of course, still looking for any other jobs that are open in my area.

And I finished the first sleeve–to cast on for the second tomorrow.