The temp agency has a position they would like to submit my resume for. The opening is for the 16th, in a hospital, working Medical/Surgical (broken bones, simple surgery recovery, your basic hospitalizations) and possibly ICU. The position could be from 2 weeks to long term. It is until they hire a permanent social worker. I am submitting my application for the permanent position tomorrow morning. I will probably take the temp position (god, that is scary to even type) but need more clarification–if it ends in two weeks, will she have another position to put me in? Because I can’t leave my current position for 2 weeks worth of pay and then nothing.

Speaking of my current position, though, I need to leave by November. I am telling one of my managers that I will be using her as a reference tomorrow. There are big changes coming that will make it much harder to provide good care (in my opinion) and I don’t want to be part of it. Big changes in November, and then bigger ones in January. I want to be gone long before then.

But I am so *scared* about leaving for temp work. We need the guaranteed pay to live off of. But if I don’t take the temp job, I might not be able to find a full time job for a few months. I am hoping, I think, to leave Odyssey, and go to the hospital and have them know that I am interested in the job, and pick me up from temp to full time. But their is no guarantee for that. Hopefully my temp lady can talk to them, and they can agree to at least consider me for full time.

Really, I don’t know what I am going to do.