The last few days I have been pretty checked out.

I met with the temp agency, and she seemed very nice with some possible jobs coming available in the next few weeks. I will send my completed forms/resume to her tomorrow, and when she has work for me she will contact me. I did email her with some questions and haven’t heard back so I am unsure how responsive she will really be. And while she promises that once I start working I should have as much work as I need there are no jobs currently available where I am, and she is unsure when one will come up. So I still have some reservations.

I have applied for 2 other jobs (1 part time, outpatient oncology, and the other full time, inpatient county hospital). I will call the outpatient one tomorrow to see how many hours per week it is–I can always temp on my off time, or work at another hospital per diem. I just applied for the county hsopital today so we shall see.

I feel like I am having a quarter life crisis. These past few days have been challenging.

Knitting has been nonexistent, hopefully this week will be better.