October 2006

A very happy birthday to my mom who is the person that I am closest too after Tommy. I cannot overstate how important to me she is. And to show how much she loves me? A new quilt:

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It actually has a few more color changes, but I couldn’t get it to photograph well when it was open. Tommy and I chose the colors and gradation changes, as Tommy doesn’t like flowery fabrics or batiks. I love this blanket, love that she quilts, and am getting closer and closer to asking her to teach me. Not yet, but soon.

And, my parents are off to Spain, to visit my brother. I am so jealous.

On Thursday I spent the day being slightly out of control with andrea. It was really a wonderful day, hard as hell, because I knew that I would be saying goodbye. She is moving across the country, to be with family and move on into something exciting and new. But it was the perfect day together, and I miss her already.

Saturday was a Halloween party (as well as a MoveOn phone bank. I’d really like a democratic congress. please.)

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I am in the front, T is next to me in sunglasses. There are clearer photos, but I don’t have anyone else’s permission to post, so I figured this was as clear as I could go. Plus, the fun of drunken photography couldn’t go unnoticed.

And drugs. Back on them. I tried to go without, and while I generally could do it, it was really, really hard work. And it recently got to the point where I wasn’t sleeping or eating, and something needed to change. I just took my first pills and I feel a bit off (but in a good way) and am hopeful that this will really make a difference for me.

And yoga continues 6 days a week. I love my studio–the people I practice with and the practice itself. I think that I would have gone back on meds much sooner without the yoga, and am hoping that yoga will help me in the long run find some level of mental stability.

On that note, I only have 8 days left at my current job. I go directly to my new job the next day.



While on the phone accepting the hospital job, I was called by the ED facility and offered the job. Which I accepted. I gave notice at my current job as well. And holy shit, I am officially freaked out. Not yet excited but I should be soon. On my way to spend the day with andrea, whose bravery has inspired mine.


the hospital offered me a job. need me to give notice today and start next thursday. trying to get a hold of the ED people to see if they know that they don’t want me. no answer. will keep trying at semi respectable intervals. need to let hospital know in about 20 minutes.

hooray and fuck all at once.

So, all of that was incredibly premature (I bet you all thought that when you read it).

The second interview was today, and I actually thought it went well. I know that they are interviewing more people, and I should hear by next Wednesday. I thought it went much better than the first one, but who knows what they thought? They obviously thought that the first one was better than I did. So, I shall wait and see.

Didn’t hear back from the temp agency about the hospital position. Seriously. This is the second time that they have done this. I am expecting to get a call tomorrow, and have them tell me that I can give one day notice and I need to start on Monday. Honestly, if they do that, I am not sure what I will say. I really want it (especially if I am not offered the ED job) but 1 day notice? My employer may fire me when I quit (they’ve done that before) but they may not, and may expect me to give two weeks, and I really don’t want to give less than a week. But, they haven’t called so no need to worry yet, right?

Knitting night tonight, got a lot done on my sleeve–I can’t wait to have it done! Hopefully I will get it finished this weekend. And then on to blocking.

No resolving anything today.

(this post is probably interesting to, say, 3 people, but I need to think this through).

The eating disorder director called to schedule a second interview with her boss (the director runs the facility, but the facility is owned by a larger company, and it is a person with the larger company who will be at this second interview) for Wednesday at 1:30.

The temp agency told me that they should hear from the hospital on Wednesday and will let me know on Wednesday. She also told me that she anticipates that this job would become a permanent position.

I am having a much harder time choosing between the jobs than I anticipated (and the truth is that neither have been offered to me, so this is all just buying trouble.)

The benefits of the hospital job are mainly that I know I enjoy working in a hospital, I know I enjoy the pediatrics unit, I know how to do the job, would need very limited training, and it would be relatively easy.

The drawbacks to the hospital job are that the commute is significantly longer (which is a big deal to me), it is still medical work (which I am feeling burnt on–the lack of continuity of care, the lack of need for MSW services, the lack of understanding from the medical community at large of the role of the SW, etc), and I worry that I again would be an agent of control–making sure that the family is compliant, etc. That isn’t what I want.

One of the biggest draws to the ED (eating disorder) job is that it is totally different. It is clinical therapy based which I have never really done. Ever. So I am really, really scared about that. But totally different is also really exciting. It is also a very intense position, while the hospital one would be less so. But intense isn’t bad, but again, just different. Also, it is permanent (of course I could be fired, but that is very different than the hospital job. While that job could turn permanent, I imagine that it could just as easily not, with no responsibility on the hospital’s part to stick it out with me).

I think I need to go with different, even though the familiar just feels so much less scary. Because different is really, really scary.

Of course, I could be offered neither job, so this could all just be useless. But I can’t help it.

I had a job interview this afternoon. I applied yesterday, got a call this morning and went in this afternoon. It is for a primary therapist at a residential treatment facility for eating disorders. Less than 8 beds, girls from 11-17.

I would be responsible for 4 girls–that means 3 sessions of individual therapy per week with each girl, a family therapy session each week with each girl and her family, doing case management, discharge planning, admission, insurance ,etc. Basically, all of the interventions (except for dietary and body/mind/spirit work) for 4 girls would be done by me. The staff and girls eat lunch together, and basically the 8 hours you are there, you are on, working.

The interview didn’t go so well, but you never know. I don’t know who else she is interviewing, but decisions should be made by next Friday.


+ Clinical, clinical, clinical. It would be a steep learning curve, but I would learn a ton about how to really be a clinical therapist
+ Small caseload, so I could really focus on the girls I was working with
+ The director is very experienced and loves what she does
+ No on call. None.

– Serves wealthy clients, almost exclusively. Does take insurance, but is marketed to high income patients
– About 25 miles, 35 minutes commute
– I know nothing about eating disorders, therapeutic models, etc. Seriously, nothing.
– I will have to work late if there is a crisis. But I do that now, so it isn’t so much of a con as much as a fact of life for social workers.
– I don’t think that the interviewer liked me very much.

But it certainly made for an exciting day. I don’t have any idea what will happen, but it was certainly out of the ordinary. I am, of course, still looking for any other jobs that are open in my area.

And I finished the first sleeve–to cast on for the second tomorrow.

has anyone had any ikea couches? specifically, the ektorp couches , recliner, or chairs?

We really need new couches–the ones we have have no back support, and after a trip to the chiropracter yesterday, we realized just how badly we need better seating.

Edited to add pictures (we are considering the wrap around couch and the recliner)

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I have made some knitting progress, and recieved a long-anticipated birthday present.

First, the present:

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A perfect knitting bag from selu, made by Anatomy of a Skirt. Well made and rockin. Thank you selu. I love it.

And proof that I do knit:

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I am done with the fronts and back of the Cambridge Jacket. Obviously unblocked and rolling in on itself. But still, done! I am about 8 inches into the first sleeve–hopefully I will get some good knitting time this weekend, and can finish this sleeve and start the next. The end is almost in sight.

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