First, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. It really helped.

Second, my Mandarin class was cancelled. Not enough enrollees. Which frees up Mondays, but I was so excited. It did make me realize that I really do want to learn Chinese (although I am still torn between Cantonese and Mandarin) so someday soon I will try again.

Regarding work. I think that I will go with a temp agency right now. There is one that works with MSWs, pays 2 dollars an hour more than what I make right now, has health insurance and paid time off, and says that they can work me 40 hours a week. So. I have a meeting with the representative on Wednesday afternoon–I will fill out the application between now and then (hopefully tonight). It’s funny, the person hired for the hospital job that I wanted was hired from working through her company. I don’t expect to get a job offer from working through her because I am not yet licensed (I probably have 18 months until I am licensed) but I should be able to have steady work from now until when I find a job that I really want to work.

The questions I still have to get answered:
-what sort of placements are available? (I know that they are mainly medical, but that is really all I know)
-how long is the average placement? (3 days? 3 months?)

Those are my main questions right now. What else should I ask?