well, sock yarn at least.

I got my award for winning best secret pal for secret pal 8.

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2 skeins of koigu kpppm sock yarn. In perfect colors. Honestly, I live in shades of grey, and wouldn’t have ever bought grey sock yarn. This is the perfect combination of variegation and grey.

Now I just need some time to knit. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are yoga, as are Sunday mornings. Last night (Wed) I had dinner with my sock fairy friend Lisa and a new knitting friend that we just met. Tomorrow night I am on call, but plan on getting some serious work done on the boucle scarf. Saturday is a guild meeting, and Sunday I have to do a visit for work in the middle of the day.

And starting monday I have conversational mandarin Monday nights. I am so pleased to be able to do so much–I was sick for a few years, and having all of these commitments is almost impossible feeling. I think that it is manageable, but more so on weekends when I have down time. I have knitting to do–Christmas is coming faster and faster.

And, Happy New Year to any one who is celebrating.