I signed up for a class through the extension center at the local university. I am taking introduction to conversation chinese (mandarin). T only speaks Cantonese, and in some ways I would prefer learning that, but I have never seen it offered around here. And his parents, and whole family speak Mandarin as well as Cantonese (and many other languages) so I can practice with them, as well as teach what I learn to T.

Classes are 3 hrs every Monday night. I am very excited.

I will call the hospital that I applied to again tomorrow. She sounded very positive last Tuesday, and she only works Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, but she never called back. So I will call again in the morning. I would really like this job, not just to get out of the job I am at, but because I think it could be enjoyable (as enjoyable as social work gets. It isn’t really one of the fun professions.)

Tomorrow, if I am not called out, I will go to my favorite yoga class. I am already looking forward to it (and am scared–that shit is hard!).

Crossing my fingers about a new job.