I planned a post about the music I have been listening to, and even started it this morning. And then the day hit.

I think everyone knows I work hospice. I got to work, went to stand-up (where we go over our admits and deaths from the day before) and got a new patient. A 21 year old patient, with cancer. I spent an hour and a half with his aunt and mother. And that was about all I could do today. Sometimes this job is just too hard. I am going back tomorrow, to talk to his young siblings. I am worn.

On the good news front, a friend I have had for about 10 years is getting married, and I am really happy for her. It is wonderful. And the film she and her sister have been working on for years is scheduled for screenings all over the country. She is amazing (and if anyone wants to see the movie, let me know. It is a documentary about Cuban hip hop, shot mainly in Cuba).

And I won a Best Pal award for Secret Pal 8. Yay! A prize should arrive in a week or so.

In not so hot news, still havent heard from the job. She told me she would call when I talked to her Tuesday morning. I am unsure what to do from here. I will probably call in the morning, to check in one last time. Hopefully I will get more information (either an interview, or be declined) so I can know which direction this is going. Because today was just about the end of me at work. I love some of my coworkers, but damn, its just too hard.