I adore this blog. The way it looks, the way it works. The comments (oh goodness, the comments are fantastic! thank you!), everything. Yay!

Knitting has been much slower than anticipated. The kittens knocked over the main living room lamp, killing any good knitting light. And I can’t knit navy blue wool in bad lighting without going blind. I am hoping that we can get a new lamp sometime soon. Really soon. Still hoping to cast off the back of the jacket this weekend. Pictures when it is done.

I turned in the application and resume this morning, and was promised that it would be delivered to the director of social services. So now I wait (and continue to hunt for other job opportunities).

Speaking of other opportunities, I did find a hospital hiring but it is just a bit of a commute (about 40 minutes away). I don’t think I will apply, though it is really, really hard not to. But, if I want to move to a job that I can invest in, I need to be choosy. But damn its hard on days like today, when I just want to run screaming.

I can’t fix everything, do everything, call everyone and really meet their needs. I can invest in maybe 3 families a day (assuming I don’t have rounds, which last about 3 hours twice a week). Call them, make calls for them, visit at the house, and really make sure that everything is going well. Instead, I need to be seeing about 5-6 patients a day to meet my quotas and ensure that everyone is seen this month. It feels impossible, and when I get that overwhelmed, I disengage. But, it still isn’t worth it to move from this job to another that isn’t manageable over the long haul.