Knitting progress was made this weekend.

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This is the back of the Cambridge Jacket for my dad in Cascade 220 Navy. I am hoping to bind off the back before the weekend, and start the fronts asap.

The weekend will be spent doing family stuff in LA, and hopefully meeting up with Kelly at Felt Club. And I am trying to lure Andrea out to Riverside next Sunday.

Regarding work, I have decided to look for a new job now. I am not anticipating finding anything before 14 or so more weeks, so it isn’t too big of a shift in time frame, but it is quite the shift in the way I am thinking about it (my vocabulary escapes me. I blame the heat.) I am going to be choosy about what job I take, as I actually do want to enjoy my day, and come home feeling decent, rather than cranky, tired, and usually pissed off.

So, I am now actively seeking new employment. Hooray!